If you’re like most people in the United States, you’re working 60 or more hours a week and taking home less spending power.  In addition to the past decade of wage stagnation or reduction, prices of goods and services necessary to sustain life have continued rising.  Although the US inflation rate is under 2%, consumers’ ability to purchase has decreased over time specifically because of what is now called “quantative easing”.  That’s where the Federal Reserve prints money and lends it to banks for them to decide whether or not to lend it to business and individuals.  This injection of money into the system is intended to stimulate the economy to return to prosperity.  When the money is used for long term investment, reinvigorating enthusiasm and hope, this process can indeed be like a shot of adrenalin to a shock victim.

The reason we can print unlimited supply of dollars is because we no longer use gold or other uniform standard by which to establish value.  It’s like pledging a drawing of your home as collateral for the loan.  The drawing, while looking good on paper, is worth what the holder thinks its worth.  If you happen to be a famous artist, you can command big bucks for throwing paint on a canvass.  But if you are like most of us, no matter how talented you are, after two weeks on the fridge, the drawing of your house is fit for the recycle bin.  This is called the fiat money system.

I saw a music video that sums it up nicely on YouTube.

It’s time to rethink what kind of world we are creating.

There is a lot going wrong with the world today.  It is a make-or-break time in human history.  We can choose to keep believing in the American Dream with capitalism as its engine or we can look around and see it isn’t working because of one deadly sin:  Greed.  It is the responsibility of every corporation to increase shareholder wealth, at any cost.  Destroying the planet and human life is called collateral damage and tolerated as long as it costs fewer dollars.

Today’s pink slips are no longer due to insufficient volume requirements.  Employees are called upon to work longer hours, completing the work of those laid off.  Now companies terminate employees for short-term profit, making Wall Street smile.  Those left behind endure unreasonable expectations so they eliminate all “unessential” steps.  Unfortunately, the only “essential” step in business is one that immediately demonstrates revenue, regardless of quality or ethics.   When uncertainty and fear permeate the masses, decisions made by the people who comprise corporate America are directed toward self preservation, and hording becomes the norm.  Corporations reap huge profit and save, rather than invest at a time of market transformation; further eroding the foundation upon which our society is based.

Now that America, the poster child for capitalism has splatters of innocent citizen blood, the reputation celebrating democracy and capitalism is tainted.  After being exploited since the Industrial Revolution, those who developed technology, innovation and workmanship are more expensive than labor people in developing nations.  Outsourcing is the only rational decision any business executive can make because his job is to increase share holder wealth at any cost.  People’s lives are destroyed as their ability to food and shelter evaporates.  Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, cornerstones of the country, are guaranteed … according to your ability to pay.

This degree of corruption is unfathomable for a freely elected government.  Conventional wisdom suggests offenders would be exposed voted out of office.  But that isn’t the norm.  Instead, government officials that successfully keep constituents in enough fear to surrender liberties get polished by the political establishment and supported in an unimaginable web of deception.  Capitalism is supposed to reward the highest value to society but instead, bestows financial manna to whoever can market it best and make it cheapest.  In a demonic dance, corporate and government mingle until their minds are as one, focused on control of resources by the elite.  It is sad to add that the masses are considered elite resources to be controlled.

Centrally owned media fills the air waves with mentally addictive formats to establish various elite-sponsored perspectives, giving an illusion of creative thought and self-governance.  Corporations spend as much money as necessary to support specific political campaigns through elaborate marketing strategies designed to fool the public into believing government officials work for us.  Exercising voting rights is like being asked to choose which convicted sex offender to hire as your nanny.  It’s a very bad joke by the elite at the expense of the masses.

About 40 years ago, the United States Corporation abandoned the gold standard of money.  Like a credit card, fiat money can be used wisely in an investment for long-term productive reasons – as long as the balance can be paid off at a reasonable rate of interest.  Unfortunately, with the questionable practice of the Federal Reserve, a private/pseudo governmental agency, printing fiat dollars and lending them to banks, combined with fractional banking, lending many times more dollars than they have in deposits, there will never be enough money in circulation to pay off even the interest, much less the principle.  This is called a debt-based currency.

Our fiat system of money has been an open credit card for the wealthy and influential interests of the world.  They took us off the farms with self-sufficient life styles to make them richer, creating a dependent on corporate America to earn our daily bread.  As reward for our success, millions of once productive members of society fall toward poverty through unemployment while everyone else works at least full-time and a half, just to scrape by.

This is not an American problem alone.  The world money supply is based on the American dollar.  Unemployment, famine, disease and homelessness encroach upon an ever increasing mass of people all over the earth.  People are organizing against injustice, peacefully demonstrating in large numbers at government and businesses around the world.  The good news is that there are more of us than there are of them.  We still have a voice and we’re raising it in unity with diverse and distant people across the globe.  Our hope is in the numbers.

If you work harder and longer for less, look at the unemployed and see your future.  Will it be in 5 years, 5 months or 5 days?  I don’t know.  But if you think you’re immune, you’re probably not.  Skills, experience and education mean nothing when your industry gets flushed.  Or a computer program you designed to make yourself more productive is operated by a clerk you hired and then you get the axe.  After 6 months or a year of diligent job searching, your next best thing might be at 50% of your former wage.  Governments also reduce their workforce as more and more people require services.  But that’s okay because funding to feed the hungry, house the homeless and provide medical care for the unfortunate is vanishing anyway.  Just about no one is “safe” from the economic collapse.  Any perceived financial stability you have is a mirage.

If you work harder for less, look around and see how many other people are feeling the same way.  Then look at those people whose job you’re doing to make your company rich and realize the unemployed people are not to blame for your suffering.  They are early collateral damage in the middle class meltdown.  Fiat money is the vehicle used to transport your investment dollars and work hours into the pockets of very rich.

You can either read this and say “they can take care of themselves or die” because you’re already busting your tail just to lose ground or you can consider yourself fortunate, do your own research about demonstrations, petitions, legislation, wars, etc. and join with others taking action to make the world better for everyone.

I was outraged when I heard about naked scanners or groping becoming a mandatory condition of air travel.  I’ve never considered myself to be a Constitutionalist, patriot or conspiracy theorist but this practice clearly violates American protections from unreasonable search and presumption of innocence.

This whole thing started because of an attack on 9-11-01 that could not have happened according to the official story.  That incited enough fear to spike the planet’s magnetic field readings, launch us into extended war with continually vacillating objectives and escalate an advancing police state.  First, it is about air travel, then subways and buses until finally every mall, movie theater and school is theoretically protected from terrorism at the cost of liberty.  When the country borders on bankruptcy, we spend untold billions on war and “security” equipment that serves to enslave the masses in a sea of fear and blind obedience under the guise of protection.

The term “Security Theater” seems to describe the antics that did stop an underwear bomber, despite an official notification of danger.  The failed attempt by the would-be Christmas bomber of 2009 is now used as justification for the very expensive and intrusive procedures called “back scatter x-ray” and “enhanced pat downs”.  Now, I hear terrorists are hiding explosives inside body cavities.  Bouncing radiation into travelers to virtually remove clothing is insufficient to stop terrorism.

Is the x-ray safe?  I don’t believe everything the government says is safe is true.  We already have example after example of FDA approved drugs, pesticides and genetically modified seeds that are NOT safe.  We also have information about chemicals used on soldiers that proved life altering if not fatal.  Now, TSA is considering increasing the power of the x-ray to make us “more safe”.  Right.

Americans have become complacent and ignorant drones, arrogantly believing in our supremacy due to propaganda and disinformation.  Our soldiers honestly believe they fight, killing anything that moves in the name of our freedom as liberty evaporates before our eyes.  Do TSA agents genuinely believe invasive procedures serve to “keep us safe” (as if would-be murders won’t find their way around every new obstacle)?  If so, perhaps they have a pre-employment test for gullibility.  Passengers mindlessly chant “Anything to make us safer”, as if this latest “enhancement” is acceptable or the last infringement on our Bill of Rights.

I don’t travel by air much any more but the concept of mandatory submission fuels my activist nature.  I’ve been challenging authority since I was two, intimidating teachers with nothing more than a glance.  The more I research about history not taught in school, planned economic crisis and admitted government deceptions, the more determined I become to speak my mind and affect a meaningful solution.

This Christmas, my brother surprised my husband and me with airplane tickets to California.  The first thing I thought about is being confronted with the TSA effect.  While I was excited to join my family, grateful for the gift and eager to escape the Metro-Detroit doom and gloom, I had to intentionally resist the urge to forfeit my right to travel over government control issues.

I did some research to learn TSA agents don’t like fondling passengers any more than we like being fondled by strangers.  It is causing morale issues.  I saw the elite owners of the company that sells scanners hang tight with Barack, cementing the bond with corporate run government.  I remember hearing someone say “The government creates problems, and then solves it with greater control over our lives”.  I learned people were protesting by opting out of the naked scanner.  I decided being groped by a stranger was slightly less offensive than virtually stripped and photographed by a machine.

I used to travel by air twice a week, every week for two years in the mid 1980’s.  If I checked a bag (free of charge), I packed my carry on based on my convenience.  Now, the TSA effect begins in the packing stage of travel, with additional rules implemented for every new terrorist attempt.  First, it was box knives, then shoes, liquids and now underwear.  I spent extra time packing a quart-size zip top plastic for my travel needs (knowing the risk of lost luggage not making it at the same time I do).  On the day of travel, I refrained from wearing my wedding ring, toe ring, barrette or under-wire bra to avoid setting off the metal detector.

I observed the TSA effect at the ticket counter in Detroit as we dropped off our checked bag.  My husband and I approached my mom and her husband at the counter.  When the ticket agent saw my tall husband approaching, she scowled and asked my mom “Are these people with you?”  I smiled and answered “Yeah.  Can’t you tell?” as I placed my face close to my mother’s.  When the agent saw we were obviously together, she transformed into a smiling, laughing, helpful service provider.

At the security station, my husband and I unknowingly stood in the metal detector line but my mom and her husband stepped into the naked scanner line.  The TSA agent in my line scowled at me before granting permission to enter the metal detector.  I sailed through but my husband set off the alarm.  I turned around, took one step toward him and suggested he remove his wire-rimmed eye glasses.  The TSA agent gave me the evil eye then demanded I move away.  She took my husband’s glasses and he passed quietly through the check point.

When my mother was ordered to go through the naked scanner, she said “I don’t want to go through that”.  The TSA agent said “No.  You have to”.  My mom objected saying “No I don’t”.  The TSA agent then claimed the radiation was only 1.5% of an x-ray.  Again, my mother refused.  Only then did the agent give her the choice of an enhanced pat down.  What’s up with that?  Do TSA agents get bonuses if more people go through the scanner?  Or is it simply that they are inconvenienced when people exercise their right to choose which abuse they will submit to in exchange for air travel?  It seems the TSA effect causes low-level government employees to lie to the people they are hired to protect.

These back-scatter x-ray machines enrich security companies, owned by elite corporate entities.  The deal was most likely negotiated through agents of the ruling class to 1) Condition the American public to willingly submit to unreasonable search and 2) Make the rich even more wealthy at the expense of the US tax payer.  It seems the government has an unlimited budget when it claims to protect the public.  The saddest part of the TSA effect is that people are actually willing to sacrifice liberty if they believe it makes them safer.  Most people believe anything the government claims, even after it admits to lying when confidential files get declassified.

I thought the TSA effect ended there but was wrong.  At the gate, people were randomly selected to get pat down prior to boarding the airplane.

It seems all airport and airline employees are trained to suspect everyone.  This is how the police state encroaches.  With the country desperate for jobs and just about the only companies hiring make products or services for “security” and war, these people just want to feed their families.  The jobs don’t pay well, require little to no prior education/training and require adoption of an “us” verses “them” mentality.  Like police, FBI, CIA and the military, TSA trains staff to view everyone as a threat and take any action to subdue the “bad guy”, whether or not he’s proven guilty.

On the trip home, we intentionally stood in the metal detector line.  Perhaps they noticed us consciously choose the line because I was selected to go through the naked scanner.  I politely but firmly stated “I opt out” and was directed through the metal detector then instructed to step aside as they scrambled to get a female attendant to pat me down.  My husband was also selected and opted out.  The TSA agent rolled her eyes at our silent protest.

The procedure itself was quick and only minimally intrusive.  Security theater is control designed to intimidate we, the people into submitting to governmental “authority” as if we are subject to it instead of the other way around.  The government says the scanner is safe but other reports say it could be harmful to the elderly or people with compromised immune systems.  Both statements can not be true.  I wonder what the Nazi government told the Jews before shipping them to concentration camps and directed them to gas chambers.

Slowly but persistently, conditions in the United States are grooming the population to be intimidated and controlled by government.  It will only work if we allow it.  The government will do and say anything to encourage us to “choose” to comply with their demands.  Most people are very uncomfortable with “enhanced pat downs” so they file into line for the “quick and safe” alternative.  Aside from the naked pictures that theoretically can not be saved ending up on the internet, what else are they lying to us about?

Why did the Detroit TSA agent first lie to my mother then try to convince her that the machine was safe?  TSA agents can not possibly know that.  They are not scientists or doctors.  They are uniformed lower-middle class people, feeling powerful by exercising control over you.  Should the public be required to use the exact words “I opt out” to be granted their choice?  Shouldn’t the trained TSA agent figure out refusal to comply is an indication to offer an enhanced pat down?  Or is it simply inconvenient to properly staff for those of us who question what kind of waves the government is or will beam into us?

The TSA effect has yet to be determined.  If we blindly obey every enhanced security measure, we could turn around to find ourselves literally imprisoned without cause before we realize we’ve been arrested.  But there is another possibility.  The TSA effect could become a wake up call to the masses that the Bill of Rights, although guaranteed by the Constitution, is not enforced unless we demand governmental compliance.

We are programmed to feel weak and powerless against government/corporate abuses.  It is up to each individual to become emotionally and mentally empowered to reverse the wrong perpetrated by the patient and persistent ruling class and their agents.  Calm and peaceful protest is one tactic to push back from the gate of middle class meltdown.

We need to self educate, share knowledge and insist on our rights.  It means we continue to fly and spend the extra five minutes getting groped by a stranger rather than voluntarily surrender our right to travel or mindlessly file through a machine like cattle to slaughter.  We need to communicate our feelings and opinions to as many people as possible including friends, family, associates and government officials.  We need to be vigilant but respectful of those who are intimidated into submission or unwilling to take a stand to protect our freedom.

The TSA effect can be a nail in Liberty’s coffin or the puzzle piece that makes the big picture clear.  We can decide to allow corporate/government to continue manipulating the masses into obedience or restore the freedom on which the United States of America was founded.  Which do you choose?

I’ve been watching the news to see an incredibly prolific lame-duck session in the US Senate.  Most notable are the extension of tax cuts, benefiting anyone who earns income as well as those unemployed less than 99 weeks, 9/11 first responders medical aid, benefiting those who are sick and/or dying due to doing the right thing, food “safety” legislation, benefiting huge farmers and today, the repeal of “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell”, benefiting military homosexuals and their families.

Merry Christmas to all … except the 99ers.

Hello?  Tax cuts don’t stimulate the economy when they are given to people who earn more than they need to survive.  I remember when George Bush Junior sent my husband and me a check for several hundred dollars.  We put it directly into savings.  We made more than the average Metro-Detroit family of four and established a prudent life-style.  I was by no means “rich”, but I didn’t go out and spend the money.  If the rich would have been enticed to create American jobs with the extra money, we wouldn’t have had a decade of domestic decay.  Unemployment wouldn’t be so persistently high.

Where are the jobs?  Ah, I forgot:  India, the Philippians and China, paying 60 cents an hour.  From a business perspective, with a fiduciary responsibility to enhance shareholder wealth – by any means (not necessarily legal), capitalism forces everyone in a corporation to cut service, quality and social responsibility while working longer hours (covering for laid off workers), compromising health, life-balance and killing the spirit.  So what if millions of Americans, well-qualified, experienced, educated middle-aged former contributors to society are banished from the opportunity to support themselves?

An argument against help for 99ers (those unemployed more than 99 weeks and cut off from receiving compensation) is that it dissuades them from taking any job.  “Get a job flipping burgers or cleaning toilets!  Think you’re too good for that?”  If that argument were true, there wouldn’t be millions of 99ers.  Aside from the facts no one wants to hire seriously over-qualified people (that will leave if the economy ever improves or replace the hiring manager) and that there are an insufficient number of jobs for the number of job seekers, what happened to the “American Dream”?

Is the American Dream a Nightmare?

When I was born, my dad had three jobs and went to graduate school.  He worked hard to put himself through private high school and college as in investment in his future.  As I grew up, Dad was an upwardly mobile executive by day and church music director on nights and weekends.  I learned that the American Dream gave an opportunity to earn a life style commensurate with skill, education and experience.  Anyone willing to learn, loyally serve with integrity and follow the rules would enjoy job security, progressive income and life-time benefits.

In undergraduate school, I held up to three part-time jobs.  Immediately upon graduation, I began climbing the corporate ladder.  It wasn’t long before I noticed a discrepancy between the “American Dream” and reality.  As an attractive young woman, I saw many doors opened before me led to the bed room.  I refused to get ahead by giving it and those doors slammed shut.  I used to believe in public corporate mission statements and open-door policies but suffered for challenging corporate masters to walk their talk.

Now I see a divided world:  People who still believe in the American dream and those burned pursuing it.  The people who still believe don’t have time to think straight, juggling excessive work hours, insufficient pay, family needs and medical challenges by compromising a balanced life to cling to illusion of financial stability.

Many short-term unemployed still believe in the American Dream.  They spend their days searching for work on line, at career fairs, through personal and professional acquaintances, networking events and writing unsolicited letters of interest.  Some go back to school, sharpen job-seeking skills and reduce income expectations, desperate for near poverty level wages to avoid homelessness, starvation and preventable death.  But, as I was misquoted by the Associated Press last month, “It doesn’t matter how good your job (seeking) skills are. You’ve got to have jobs available”.

According to Barack Obama, there won’t be a significant reduction in the unemployment rate for a couple/few years.  With unemployment compensation cut off after 99 weeks, (with no regard to the number of years worked), the number of 99ers will significantly increase.  That means fewer consumers and more lay offs.  The housing market will not recover with more foreclosures (despite the rampant bank and mortgage fraud, dereliction of oversight and tax payer dollars loaned to prevent a foreclosure crisis).

What is the solution?

There are thousands of different action items that will lead to a resolution of this economic depression, targeted at the American middle class.  My opinion about the details of recovery is no better or worse than yours.  However, the solution can be summarized in four words:  Replace fear with love.

If you’re working too many hours and/or sacrificing quality because you are afraid of losing your job, stop it.  Show love for yourself, your family and the rest of humanity by doing your job well and within a reasonable number of hours to maintain life balance.

If you see broken laws or deceptive tactics by your employer but remain silent, fearing retribution, blow the whistle!  Have some self-respect and compassion for others.

If you’re in a decision-making position at a corporation that is sitting on money, making unreasonable demands on your workforce, playing the short-term illusion of success game, hire more people and explain to the higher-ups you’re interested in long term success of the company and community.

If you have the opinion 99ers don’t deserve “free” compensation, coordinate a local group to hire them for community projects and domestic work.

If you work for a company that refuses to hire the unemployed, challenge their practice as contributing to further decline of the country and your company.

If you’re a 99er, find an outlet to release your fear, anger and resentment then sweep up the shattered pieces of your ego and find a way to help someone else by doing what you love, even for free.  Put that as your current occupation.

If you must take a near-poverty level job, find one doing something that can lead to working in your passion and/or keep looking for meaningful work.  Dumb down your resume if necessary and refrain from telling the whole truth when prospective employers ask about your education/experience.

If you face foreclosure, fight it!   Don’t roll over into self-pity and self-loathing.  This is a war against the middle class by elite corporate interests as well as international bankers, allowed to ravage “The People” by the very government they purchase … and you’re collateral damage.  Read this website:  Homeowners Justice.

Forgive yourself for being fearful.  It is the way the old paradigm has thrived for thousands of years.  The masses are programmed from birth to make decisions out of fear.  But we are entering a new paradigm as the veil shrouding our eyes is violently ripped away.  Acting out of love, and returning to a love state every time we fall back into fear is essential.  We can’t always see how we impact the whole, but believe we do.  Everyone taking a seemingly insignificant step to build an empowered community makes a huge difference.

What can you do to replace fear with love?

On a website called “Teir 5 Unemployment Extension Needed!!!!!” there is a forum article called “American law mandates full employment” that discusses the Humphrey-Hawkins Full Employment Act then links desperate unemployed people to a petition on Change.org calling for the president to Declare a State of National Emergency to Deal with the Economic Crisis.

“So what?” you might ask.  Keep reading.

Consider the stress of long term unemployment.  First, people are involuntarily removed from what is often the center of their lives.  That causes distress due to separation from their daily routine, meaningful contribution and work associates as well as feeling alienated, unneeded and unproductive.  Then the financial reality sets in, with unemployment compensation being only a fraction of their former pay.  Any savings is eaten away quickly, bills pile up and credit is trashed.  After several months of earnestly seeking work in this economy, most people find they have few responses, fewer interviews and zero job offers.  Finally, when the unemployed are cut off from compensation, becoming one of the growing numbers of 99ers, it feels like society doesn’t care if they live or die.

It has been scientifically proven that the brain of a person under stress resembles that of drug addict.  The “Washington Times” has an article that says “Long-term stress damages the brain, impairing everything from emotion and impulse control to certain big-picture analytical thinking. Long-term stress damages the brain, impairing everything from emotion and impulse control to certain big-picture analytical thinking.”  Long-term unemployment can also result in atrophy of brain connections caused by lack of new activity and skill development.  Even the average job search becomes routine, yielding little interpersonal interaction and becoming a virtual prisoner of one’s home.

After a while, even the most “together” people become disillusioned, disenchanted and panic-stricken.  Desperate people reach out for help like a frighten child for his mother.  Anyone who claims to want to help is seen as a savior.  That’s why multi-level marketing firms, commission-only employers and work-at-home scams prey heavily on the unemployed.

This petition appeals to the personal emergency each unemployed family feels.  By demanding the president declare a national state of emergency, the unemployed can get the satisfaction of acknowledging they are not alone.  They can feel a sense of solidarity with other disenfranchised people.  The petition reports the very cruel reality faced by many people losing homes and struggling to maintain the basic necessities of life and expresses the frustration most of us feel about Congress, the banking community and Wall Street.

Then after requesting a Tier V unemployment extension, the petition says “If the Senate and Congress fail to act in the next weeks before their planned vacation, then take executive action to enact a state of national emergency. This will enable FEMA to help the unemployed with food and shelter and the Department of Homeland Security to enact certain provisions that will help restore order….You need the power to seize property, organize and control the means of production, seize commodities, assign military forces abroad, institute martial law, seize and control all transportation and communication, regulate the operation of private enterprise, restrict travel, and in a variety of ways control the lives of United States citizens”.  Read that again.

First of all, FEMA’s residential camps have barbed wire facing inward, like a prison.  There are all kinds of reports by non mainstream media about the building of these FEMA camps all over the country, executive orders on record for 30 years and other police-state secrets hidden in plain sight.  Do a goggle search on “FEMA camp barbed wire” if you want to begin to fathom the fact-based conspiracies taking place while most of us were complacently too busy to notice.  My point here is that unemployed people are being led to request imprisonment as a back up plan for Congress’ failure to respond to their very dire need for 1) Unemployment compensation and 2) Legislative responsibility to the people, not campaign financing corporations.  That is not the right answer.

Second, tucked within an emotionally powerful cry for help, the unemployed are being led to demand the government take drastic measures that would directly affect an immediate police state in what was once the land of the free.  These people feel helpless and unable to affect their own future after what I consider to be a planned demise of the middle class.

If you are unemployed, you are already a victim of the war against the middle class; me too.  But we don’t have to dig our own graves.  Think about your short term needs, absolutely.  Then look at the long term implications of your actions.  You might say “desperate times call for desperate measures” and you might be right if that means taking a job you wouldn’t ordinarily take, move to a city you where you might not want to live or leave your comfort zone.  However, when desperate measures are taken out of fear, they lead to more desperation.

The only way to get out of this crisis, whether or not you are unemployed, is to come together and actively create the world we want, recognizing when someone else makes it easy for us, they have something to gain at our expense.  Please beware.

I saw a forum entry today on a site called “Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Needed” written by “Site Owner” calling for the unemployed to take immediate action by signing a petition calling for Democrats to give tax cut extensions to the very rich in exchange for 24 weeks of unemployment benefits to the 99ers, those who have exhausted all unemployment compensation and are left to die by the elite, legislatively rewarded for outsourcing jobs.  The bill in question is S.3981 which does not currently add any additional weeks of unemployment benefits. This petition is coordinated with a coalition consisting of the following groups:

Advocacy For the Long Term Unemployed (AFLTU)
All Education Matters, Inc.
Extend Unemployment Benefits
Gray Matters Coalition
Jobless Unite
The Layoff List

Now: Jobless / Next: Homeless
Philadelphia Unemployment Project
Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Needed
Tier 5 To Survive Unemployed Unite
The Unemployment Examiner
Unemployed States of America
Unemployed Underemployed Active For Progressive Change In Government
Unemployed Voices
Unemployed Workers Action Group (UWAG.org)
United, Angry, Voters (U.A.V.)
99ers United

In another letter received from the Unemployed Workers Action Group by Michael White said “We plead, beg, implore you to – just ONE last time! – call, fax, email, telegram the Senators to tell them to give tax cuts for the rich, in exchange for unemployment benefits for the poor. A bad deal? Yes. A stupid deal? Yes. Nevertheless, this is what we have to bargain with.”

Here’s my response:

NO! Trading billionaire tax cuts that do nothing to create jobs for what is reasonable and humane is NOT the answer.  Instead, redraft that letter and pay for the extensions with legislation that ties up loop holes for the very rich to abandon the middle class of America.  What is this compromise about?  Unemployment insurance is not the answer.  Unemployment insurance is absolutely necessary during this economic depression but tax cuts have proven for 10 years that they do not create jobs.  The rhetoric used by billionaires and their agents says employers are afraid to hire because there is uncertainty in the tax rate.  Well, that would explain job losses beginning at the end of this month; not for the previous 3 years.

Getting cut off from unemployment when our legislation is successfully designed to redistribute wealth to the very rich feels like society doesn’t care if we live or die.  It makes us feel valueless to society.  It steals individual empowerment from our souls … but only if we let it.  Any one of us who is willing to make a deal with the devil for 24 weeks of unemployment benefits is falling into the trap set for us by the elite powers that control the world. 24 weeks of unemployment will not be enough when economists predict the unemployment rate will remain high for years.  Even if it drops to 8% by 2012, how many among us will be gainfully employed at a wage high enough to resume a moderate middle class life style?  Who wants to hire the unemployed?  Haven’t you seen the advertisements that say “Unemployed need not apply”?

Think before you roll over and submit to the elite agenda.  That’s exactly what they want.  “Oh look, the unemployed people who have been out of work for years obviously think giving the richest people in the country a tax break is good for the economy.  They are supporting our cause”.

Wake up America!  You and I are collateral damage to the war on the middle class.  Bend over this time to the will of status quo and what will they ask for in 20 weeks?  There are plenty of better plans to support unemployed workers and restore this country’s middle class through well-paid jobs that need to be acted upon.  I know we are desperate, and it is by design.  Please do not cave into the elite agenda by buying into this action item.

The site owner responded by saying we have to dance to the song playing.  I think we, the people are the ones in charge of playing the song and choreographing the dance.

To all unemployed Americans, please think before you helplessly support negotiations that do nothing for your long term best interest.  Yes, you need help.  But please think about why you are in this position.  Research the massive deception to the masses of the world.  Look beyond your nose and realize short term peanuts will not fix any of the problems causing this economic depression, get you employed, stop the abuses from corporate America on our legislative process and realize you have been duped.  Stop in your tracks NOW and demand our government work for the people!

I watched the arguments about growing debt and heard rantings demanding individual responsibility as the Congress failed to extend unemployment benefits and completely ignore those out of work more than 99 weeks (aka 99ers).  As they reject bills to refrain from financially rewarding big corporations to outsource jobs, permit big money to influence results of elections and insist extending unpaid tax cuts to the few will create jobs, I shook my head in disbelief.  I’m not an economist but if tax cuts to the rich is good for our economy, wouldn’t we be in better shape after 10 years?

Over the past few years, my US Congressional offices have heard from me often.  They don’t respond to my questions except to send generic form letters about the general subject of concern.  So I thought I’d take a different tact.  The letter below is what I sent.  Feel free to send a similar letter to your “representative government”.


Forget the Unemployment Extension

Go home without extending unemployment benefits.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday knowing millions more families will suffer the financial and emotional hell of being evicted from their homes, food insecurity and premature death for lack of access to medical care as Congressional “servants” enjoy life time security with pensions and medical care.  Let them freeze to death as utilities are shut off for non payment.  Let them kill themselves and each other to aid in population reduction of redundant collateral.  Government doesn’t do anything to resolve the cause of massive unemployment.  Extending benefits just allows those receiving unemployment to remain complacent, grateful for the peanuts thrown to the starving masses.

Congress has ignored the plight of the 99ers so let’s add millions more to the misery.  Let Barack continue to discuss the officially unemployed and those who have given up looking, completely ignoring the millions more seeking work daily with no response.  They might use their extra time to research the ingrained corruption plaguing every institution of society.  Then perhaps they will be angry and frightened enough to fight for their lives.

Watch millions of families descend on Washington DC to protest the laws rewarding businesses for outsourcing, wasted debt created for endless war and secret projects, record profits and reserves held by business so they can buy Congressional favors and obscene executive salaries instead of employing Americans at reasonable wages.  Then Congress can pass some more symbolic legislation that industry predators draft.  Let every state be a “Right to Work (for slave wages)” corporation.  It won’t take too long before the middle class remembers the purpose of work is to live, not to contribute to and hasten its own extinction.

Go ahead and continue to allow a “global economy” to erode wages in the United States Corporation, of, by and for the elite.  Maybe people will start to question maritime law regulating business.  Go ahead and do some more “quantitative easing”, injecting hundreds of millions more valueless accounting entries to artificially inflate the stock market so that small investors can watch their retirement accounts evaporate again as powerful entities snatch up middle class illusions of wealth.  Go ahead and allow the (poverty-level) minimum wage be eliminated as corporate predators offer every job at straight commission or the slave-wages offered in China and India.  Desperate people will flock to those jobs, finding unethical ways to join the deception required for success in business.  The others, honest and compassionate people will soon realize they are working their lives away for less than it costs for basic food and shelter.  The division between the haves and have nots will increase exponentially.  But do it quickly so the masses will not be like boiling frogs, oblivious to the peril until they are cooked.

Please ignore the unemployment extension and allow 15 million families to understand that society doesn’t care if we live or die.  Surly you can continue to blame the rules or the other party in this shell game of government.  Let them realize once and for all that the American Dream is a LIE because capitalism necessarily punishes anyone who dare allow honesty and concern for the long term best interest of the client, company and planet.  Let the criminals destroying the economy get a way with a relatively small fine and the murders who intentionally sacrifice worker safety for profit free to violate humanity.  Help me open their eyes sooner rather than later that the government is designed to reward international bankers and their agents, liberty and freedom is a deceptive marketing ploy and that the will of the people has no sincere place constructing the laws of this nation.

Enjoy your holiday.

I’ve come to believe the creation of the United States was a great experiment in what would happen if elites convinced the common man he was free to choose, innovate and govern himself.  This understanding came from realizing I, a once active contributor to society, became redundant and obsolete.  I don’t believe that all of the sudden there is something wrong with me, even if that is what long-term unemployment is supposed to instill.  I know I’m not alone.  So let’s look at some history of the country and connect the dots.

Building the dream, there was an industrial revolution from 1820 – 1870, interrupted by a civil war over constitutionally guaranteed state sovereignty (marketed with human rights propaganda) from 1861 – 1865. As if by design, the nation fell into a long depression from 1873 – 1879, starving farmers off their land to work like slaves for elite factory owners. When the first depression ended, USA demonstrated to the world how freedom fostered innovation, technological advancement and prosperity for the common man … or so it seemed.

The Great Depression began in 1929. The “New Deal” seemed to be the solution, giving social safety nets like Social Security and Unemployment Compensation that rescued Americans from starvation and homelessness but also indebted the population to the government; secretly moving to a dance of deception with international bankers.

In 1932, the Norris-La Guardia Anti-Injunction Act was the first of many pro-union bills passed, reestablishing organized labor as a force with which to be reckoned, creating an environment that built a strong middle class. By 1945, the USA was recognized as a world power, emerging as the world leader after the Cold War with USSR.

Under the perception of superiority, the United States appears to have lead the world into a Fiat system of money in which the population exchanges goods and services for accounting entries based on paper money, not backed by anything of real value, invades and occupies countries, establishes governments under the guise of democracy and propagates capitalism as the means to wealth for the common man.

The link below shows how the unemployment rate in the US has changed over the past couple years. When you get to the map, click the arrow in the middle and watch how things change. It is incredible what “The Great Recession” has done to the unemployment rate that devastates the lives of hard working Americans.

Check out the 38 second video “The Decline: The Geography of a Recession“.  It is frightening.  There is no where to hide from unemployment.  The Federal Reserve, charged with maintaining employment through monetary policy has failed.  Instead of punishing those in charge, suggestions to eliminate that goal from the responsibilities of the Fed.  Instead of changing the laws that created a country where 10% of the workforce is left for dead, there is talk about eliminating the minimum wage so corporations can compete in the global market against countries with no employee protections or product standards.  Instead of correcting the trade deficits, mega-business profits at the expense of the American middle class.

What do you think about US being the poster child for capitalism and democracy?  How has this economic collapse affected you?  What will happen if this successfully spreads to the world?  How has it spread already.  I want to hear your story.  Is capitalism working for you?  If so, what advantage do you have over the 15 million unemployed people?  Are the unemployed really lazy, ignorant, stupid, unskilled, uneducated people that should be allowed to die preventable deaths?  If so, why?  When the Department of Labor claims there is 5 job seekers to every 1 job, even if college educated people flock to low-paid retail and service jobs, where will the other 4 work?    How can we regain our innovative edge when so many people are suffering?

As more people become divided along contrived religious, economic and political grounds, fracturing the masses like shattered glass, fear drives people to fight against themselves, begging the government for help.  But government is bought and paid for by unnamed donations driving hypnotic advertisements.  Negative advertising fuels the flames of destruction.  Slowly, patiently, the powers that (think they) be tighten the vice around the necks of the American public.  Unless the masses realize we, the people have allowed this to happen through our own complacency and inaction, we, the people will suffer shrinking life styles, erosion of liberty and watch the poverty grow exponentially.

When we, the people start realizing “grass roots” political movements by charismatic personalities are financed by powerful elites, we can ask ourselves why.  In capitalism, profit is the only motive.