I grew up believing in the American Dream.  I went to college, began working and found capitalism to be a road to the American Dream.  I believed that anyone who applied themselves could affect prosperity in their own lives by doing what they loved and contributing to society.   When the economy began to fold, so did my earnings.  I assumed this was a low point of the cycle, determined to once again be a survivor.  After 18 years in an industry, I effectively laid myself off saying “If I’m going to work for free, I’m doing what I love”.  While seeking paid employment, I began working in my life passion, applying my skills and talents to a role transforming society.  I invested time and money because I believe the old saying “Do what you love and the money will follow”.

I researched history of the United States not taught in schools.  I watched conspiracy theories, reading “right” and “left” wing perspectives until my eyes opened to the depth of institutionalized corruption and deception of the masses.  Now I see things through a clear lens.  I have more questions than answers.  This blog is a means to explore these questions and seek insight from readers.  One thing I know is it is time for the masses to wake up and reclaim empowered right action.  I welcome you to join me.

  1. Dear owner of blog New Paradigm, saw your comment on Bud’s article about George Cloony & contact info. I’m a 99er in NYC & think Bud’s article among the many are very well written. That said, he is oddly shy about spreading his work to others. I have personally come to his aid several times. Here’s my question. Do you think Cloony or his agents would welcome Bud’s story & your suggestion? Have you sent Bud’s article to Cloony? Thanking you in advance for your feedback. CK

    • New Paradigm says:

      Hi Connie,

      I agree Bud has a way with words to clearly inform people in a moving way. That comment I wrote was a while back and I remember being inspired to collect and share George Cloony’s contact information so I certainly think it is worth a shot. I didn’t forward any information but I encourage Bud or you to go for it. It’s not going to cost anything but a bit of time.

      I understand about being shy when it comes to promoting one’s own work. So often, it is ignored but we never know what attempt will connect us to someone who connects us to someone else who connects us to our good. I believe it is not so much in the actions we take but the energy we create by taking action our heart is calling us to do that will lead us to our highest and best good.

      Thanks for writing.

      New Paradigm

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