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I saw a forum entry today on a site called “Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Needed” written by “Site Owner” calling for the unemployed to take immediate action by signing a petition calling for Democrats to give tax cut extensions to the very rich in exchange for 24 weeks of unemployment benefits to the 99ers, those who have exhausted all unemployment compensation and are left to die by the elite, legislatively rewarded for outsourcing jobs.  The bill in question is S.3981 which does not currently add any additional weeks of unemployment benefits. This petition is coordinated with a coalition consisting of the following groups:

Advocacy For the Long Term Unemployed (AFLTU)
All Education Matters, Inc.
Extend Unemployment Benefits
Gray Matters Coalition
Jobless Unite
The Layoff List

Now: Jobless / Next: Homeless
Philadelphia Unemployment Project
Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Needed
Tier 5 To Survive Unemployed Unite
The Unemployment Examiner
Unemployed States of America
Unemployed Underemployed Active For Progressive Change In Government
Unemployed Voices
Unemployed Workers Action Group (
United, Angry, Voters (U.A.V.)
99ers United

In another letter received from the Unemployed Workers Action Group by Michael White said “We plead, beg, implore you to – just ONE last time! – call, fax, email, telegram the Senators to tell them to give tax cuts for the rich, in exchange for unemployment benefits for the poor. A bad deal? Yes. A stupid deal? Yes. Nevertheless, this is what we have to bargain with.”

Here’s my response:

NO! Trading billionaire tax cuts that do nothing to create jobs for what is reasonable and humane is NOT the answer.  Instead, redraft that letter and pay for the extensions with legislation that ties up loop holes for the very rich to abandon the middle class of America.  What is this compromise about?  Unemployment insurance is not the answer.  Unemployment insurance is absolutely necessary during this economic depression but tax cuts have proven for 10 years that they do not create jobs.  The rhetoric used by billionaires and their agents says employers are afraid to hire because there is uncertainty in the tax rate.  Well, that would explain job losses beginning at the end of this month; not for the previous 3 years.

Getting cut off from unemployment when our legislation is successfully designed to redistribute wealth to the very rich feels like society doesn’t care if we live or die.  It makes us feel valueless to society.  It steals individual empowerment from our souls … but only if we let it.  Any one of us who is willing to make a deal with the devil for 24 weeks of unemployment benefits is falling into the trap set for us by the elite powers that control the world. 24 weeks of unemployment will not be enough when economists predict the unemployment rate will remain high for years.  Even if it drops to 8% by 2012, how many among us will be gainfully employed at a wage high enough to resume a moderate middle class life style?  Who wants to hire the unemployed?  Haven’t you seen the advertisements that say “Unemployed need not apply”?

Think before you roll over and submit to the elite agenda.  That’s exactly what they want.  “Oh look, the unemployed people who have been out of work for years obviously think giving the richest people in the country a tax break is good for the economy.  They are supporting our cause”.

Wake up America!  You and I are collateral damage to the war on the middle class.  Bend over this time to the will of status quo and what will they ask for in 20 weeks?  There are plenty of better plans to support unemployed workers and restore this country’s middle class through well-paid jobs that need to be acted upon.  I know we are desperate, and it is by design.  Please do not cave into the elite agenda by buying into this action item.

The site owner responded by saying we have to dance to the song playing.  I think we, the people are the ones in charge of playing the song and choreographing the dance.

To all unemployed Americans, please think before you helplessly support negotiations that do nothing for your long term best interest.  Yes, you need help.  But please think about why you are in this position.  Research the massive deception to the masses of the world.  Look beyond your nose and realize short term peanuts will not fix any of the problems causing this economic depression, get you employed, stop the abuses from corporate America on our legislative process and realize you have been duped.  Stop in your tracks NOW and demand our government work for the people!