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If you’re like most people in the United States, you’re working 60 or more hours a week and taking home less spending power.  In addition to the past decade of wage stagnation or reduction, prices of goods and services necessary to sustain life have continued rising.  Although the US inflation rate is under 2%, consumers’ ability to purchase has decreased over time specifically because of what is now called “quantative easing”.  That’s where the Federal Reserve prints money and lends it to banks for them to decide whether or not to lend it to business and individuals.  This injection of money into the system is intended to stimulate the economy to return to prosperity.  When the money is used for long term investment, reinvigorating enthusiasm and hope, this process can indeed be like a shot of adrenalin to a shock victim.

The reason we can print unlimited supply of dollars is because we no longer use gold or other uniform standard by which to establish value.  It’s like pledging a drawing of your home as collateral for the loan.  The drawing, while looking good on paper, is worth what the holder thinks its worth.  If you happen to be a famous artist, you can command big bucks for throwing paint on a canvass.  But if you are like most of us, no matter how talented you are, after two weeks on the fridge, the drawing of your house is fit for the recycle bin.  This is called the fiat money system.

I saw a music video that sums it up nicely on YouTube.

It’s time to rethink what kind of world we are creating.

There is a lot going wrong with the world today.  It is a make-or-break time in human history.  We can choose to keep believing in the American Dream with capitalism as its engine or we can look around and see it isn’t working because of one deadly sin:  Greed.  It is the responsibility of every corporation to increase shareholder wealth, at any cost.  Destroying the planet and human life is called collateral damage and tolerated as long as it costs fewer dollars.

Today’s pink slips are no longer due to insufficient volume requirements.  Employees are called upon to work longer hours, completing the work of those laid off.  Now companies terminate employees for short-term profit, making Wall Street smile.  Those left behind endure unreasonable expectations so they eliminate all “unessential” steps.  Unfortunately, the only “essential” step in business is one that immediately demonstrates revenue, regardless of quality or ethics.   When uncertainty and fear permeate the masses, decisions made by the people who comprise corporate America are directed toward self preservation, and hording becomes the norm.  Corporations reap huge profit and save, rather than invest at a time of market transformation; further eroding the foundation upon which our society is based.

Now that America, the poster child for capitalism has splatters of innocent citizen blood, the reputation celebrating democracy and capitalism is tainted.  After being exploited since the Industrial Revolution, those who developed technology, innovation and workmanship are more expensive than labor people in developing nations.  Outsourcing is the only rational decision any business executive can make because his job is to increase share holder wealth at any cost.  People’s lives are destroyed as their ability to food and shelter evaporates.  Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, cornerstones of the country, are guaranteed … according to your ability to pay.

This degree of corruption is unfathomable for a freely elected government.  Conventional wisdom suggests offenders would be exposed voted out of office.  But that isn’t the norm.  Instead, government officials that successfully keep constituents in enough fear to surrender liberties get polished by the political establishment and supported in an unimaginable web of deception.  Capitalism is supposed to reward the highest value to society but instead, bestows financial manna to whoever can market it best and make it cheapest.  In a demonic dance, corporate and government mingle until their minds are as one, focused on control of resources by the elite.  It is sad to add that the masses are considered elite resources to be controlled.

Centrally owned media fills the air waves with mentally addictive formats to establish various elite-sponsored perspectives, giving an illusion of creative thought and self-governance.  Corporations spend as much money as necessary to support specific political campaigns through elaborate marketing strategies designed to fool the public into believing government officials work for us.  Exercising voting rights is like being asked to choose which convicted sex offender to hire as your nanny.  It’s a very bad joke by the elite at the expense of the masses.

About 40 years ago, the United States Corporation abandoned the gold standard of money.  Like a credit card, fiat money can be used wisely in an investment for long-term productive reasons – as long as the balance can be paid off at a reasonable rate of interest.  Unfortunately, with the questionable practice of the Federal Reserve, a private/pseudo governmental agency, printing fiat dollars and lending them to banks, combined with fractional banking, lending many times more dollars than they have in deposits, there will never be enough money in circulation to pay off even the interest, much less the principle.  This is called a debt-based currency.

Our fiat system of money has been an open credit card for the wealthy and influential interests of the world.  They took us off the farms with self-sufficient life styles to make them richer, creating a dependent on corporate America to earn our daily bread.  As reward for our success, millions of once productive members of society fall toward poverty through unemployment while everyone else works at least full-time and a half, just to scrape by.

This is not an American problem alone.  The world money supply is based on the American dollar.  Unemployment, famine, disease and homelessness encroach upon an ever increasing mass of people all over the earth.  People are organizing against injustice, peacefully demonstrating in large numbers at government and businesses around the world.  The good news is that there are more of us than there are of them.  We still have a voice and we’re raising it in unity with diverse and distant people across the globe.  Our hope is in the numbers.

If you work harder and longer for less, look at the unemployed and see your future.  Will it be in 5 years, 5 months or 5 days?  I don’t know.  But if you think you’re immune, you’re probably not.  Skills, experience and education mean nothing when your industry gets flushed.  Or a computer program you designed to make yourself more productive is operated by a clerk you hired and then you get the axe.  After 6 months or a year of diligent job searching, your next best thing might be at 50% of your former wage.  Governments also reduce their workforce as more and more people require services.  But that’s okay because funding to feed the hungry, house the homeless and provide medical care for the unfortunate is vanishing anyway.  Just about no one is “safe” from the economic collapse.  Any perceived financial stability you have is a mirage.

If you work harder for less, look around and see how many other people are feeling the same way.  Then look at those people whose job you’re doing to make your company rich and realize the unemployed people are not to blame for your suffering.  They are early collateral damage in the middle class meltdown.  Fiat money is the vehicle used to transport your investment dollars and work hours into the pockets of very rich.

You can either read this and say “they can take care of themselves or die” because you’re already busting your tail just to lose ground or you can consider yourself fortunate, do your own research about demonstrations, petitions, legislation, wars, etc. and join with others taking action to make the world better for everyone.

I watched the arguments about growing debt and heard rantings demanding individual responsibility as the Congress failed to extend unemployment benefits and completely ignore those out of work more than 99 weeks (aka 99ers).  As they reject bills to refrain from financially rewarding big corporations to outsource jobs, permit big money to influence results of elections and insist extending unpaid tax cuts to the few will create jobs, I shook my head in disbelief.  I’m not an economist but if tax cuts to the rich is good for our economy, wouldn’t we be in better shape after 10 years?

Over the past few years, my US Congressional offices have heard from me often.  They don’t respond to my questions except to send generic form letters about the general subject of concern.  So I thought I’d take a different tact.  The letter below is what I sent.  Feel free to send a similar letter to your “representative government”.


Forget the Unemployment Extension

Go home without extending unemployment benefits.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday knowing millions more families will suffer the financial and emotional hell of being evicted from their homes, food insecurity and premature death for lack of access to medical care as Congressional “servants” enjoy life time security with pensions and medical care.  Let them freeze to death as utilities are shut off for non payment.  Let them kill themselves and each other to aid in population reduction of redundant collateral.  Government doesn’t do anything to resolve the cause of massive unemployment.  Extending benefits just allows those receiving unemployment to remain complacent, grateful for the peanuts thrown to the starving masses.

Congress has ignored the plight of the 99ers so let’s add millions more to the misery.  Let Barack continue to discuss the officially unemployed and those who have given up looking, completely ignoring the millions more seeking work daily with no response.  They might use their extra time to research the ingrained corruption plaguing every institution of society.  Then perhaps they will be angry and frightened enough to fight for their lives.

Watch millions of families descend on Washington DC to protest the laws rewarding businesses for outsourcing, wasted debt created for endless war and secret projects, record profits and reserves held by business so they can buy Congressional favors and obscene executive salaries instead of employing Americans at reasonable wages.  Then Congress can pass some more symbolic legislation that industry predators draft.  Let every state be a “Right to Work (for slave wages)” corporation.  It won’t take too long before the middle class remembers the purpose of work is to live, not to contribute to and hasten its own extinction.

Go ahead and continue to allow a “global economy” to erode wages in the United States Corporation, of, by and for the elite.  Maybe people will start to question maritime law regulating business.  Go ahead and do some more “quantitative easing”, injecting hundreds of millions more valueless accounting entries to artificially inflate the stock market so that small investors can watch their retirement accounts evaporate again as powerful entities snatch up middle class illusions of wealth.  Go ahead and allow the (poverty-level) minimum wage be eliminated as corporate predators offer every job at straight commission or the slave-wages offered in China and India.  Desperate people will flock to those jobs, finding unethical ways to join the deception required for success in business.  The others, honest and compassionate people will soon realize they are working their lives away for less than it costs for basic food and shelter.  The division between the haves and have nots will increase exponentially.  But do it quickly so the masses will not be like boiling frogs, oblivious to the peril until they are cooked.

Please ignore the unemployment extension and allow 15 million families to understand that society doesn’t care if we live or die.  Surly you can continue to blame the rules or the other party in this shell game of government.  Let them realize once and for all that the American Dream is a LIE because capitalism necessarily punishes anyone who dare allow honesty and concern for the long term best interest of the client, company and planet.  Let the criminals destroying the economy get a way with a relatively small fine and the murders who intentionally sacrifice worker safety for profit free to violate humanity.  Help me open their eyes sooner rather than later that the government is designed to reward international bankers and their agents, liberty and freedom is a deceptive marketing ploy and that the will of the people has no sincere place constructing the laws of this nation.

Enjoy your holiday.

I’ve come to believe the creation of the United States was a great experiment in what would happen if elites convinced the common man he was free to choose, innovate and govern himself.  This understanding came from realizing I, a once active contributor to society, became redundant and obsolete.  I don’t believe that all of the sudden there is something wrong with me, even if that is what long-term unemployment is supposed to instill.  I know I’m not alone.  So let’s look at some history of the country and connect the dots.

Building the dream, there was an industrial revolution from 1820 – 1870, interrupted by a civil war over constitutionally guaranteed state sovereignty (marketed with human rights propaganda) from 1861 – 1865. As if by design, the nation fell into a long depression from 1873 – 1879, starving farmers off their land to work like slaves for elite factory owners. When the first depression ended, USA demonstrated to the world how freedom fostered innovation, technological advancement and prosperity for the common man … or so it seemed.

The Great Depression began in 1929. The “New Deal” seemed to be the solution, giving social safety nets like Social Security and Unemployment Compensation that rescued Americans from starvation and homelessness but also indebted the population to the government; secretly moving to a dance of deception with international bankers.

In 1932, the Norris-La Guardia Anti-Injunction Act was the first of many pro-union bills passed, reestablishing organized labor as a force with which to be reckoned, creating an environment that built a strong middle class. By 1945, the USA was recognized as a world power, emerging as the world leader after the Cold War with USSR.

Under the perception of superiority, the United States appears to have lead the world into a Fiat system of money in which the population exchanges goods and services for accounting entries based on paper money, not backed by anything of real value, invades and occupies countries, establishes governments under the guise of democracy and propagates capitalism as the means to wealth for the common man.

The link below shows how the unemployment rate in the US has changed over the past couple years. When you get to the map, click the arrow in the middle and watch how things change. It is incredible what “The Great Recession” has done to the unemployment rate that devastates the lives of hard working Americans.

Check out the 38 second video “The Decline: The Geography of a Recession“.  It is frightening.  There is no where to hide from unemployment.  The Federal Reserve, charged with maintaining employment through monetary policy has failed.  Instead of punishing those in charge, suggestions to eliminate that goal from the responsibilities of the Fed.  Instead of changing the laws that created a country where 10% of the workforce is left for dead, there is talk about eliminating the minimum wage so corporations can compete in the global market against countries with no employee protections or product standards.  Instead of correcting the trade deficits, mega-business profits at the expense of the American middle class.

What do you think about US being the poster child for capitalism and democracy?  How has this economic collapse affected you?  What will happen if this successfully spreads to the world?  How has it spread already.  I want to hear your story.  Is capitalism working for you?  If so, what advantage do you have over the 15 million unemployed people?  Are the unemployed really lazy, ignorant, stupid, unskilled, uneducated people that should be allowed to die preventable deaths?  If so, why?  When the Department of Labor claims there is 5 job seekers to every 1 job, even if college educated people flock to low-paid retail and service jobs, where will the other 4 work?    How can we regain our innovative edge when so many people are suffering?

As more people become divided along contrived religious, economic and political grounds, fracturing the masses like shattered glass, fear drives people to fight against themselves, begging the government for help.  But government is bought and paid for by unnamed donations driving hypnotic advertisements.  Negative advertising fuels the flames of destruction.  Slowly, patiently, the powers that (think they) be tighten the vice around the necks of the American public.  Unless the masses realize we, the people have allowed this to happen through our own complacency and inaction, we, the people will suffer shrinking life styles, erosion of liberty and watch the poverty grow exponentially.

When we, the people start realizing “grass roots” political movements by charismatic personalities are financed by powerful elites, we can ask ourselves why.  In capitalism, profit is the only motive.

I saw a show called PBS Frontline: The Warning — How Greenspan, Summers & Rubin Conspired To Silence Derivatives Whistleblower Brooksley Born. The story is about the economic meltdown, a lady who tried to stop it and Alan Greenspan‘s deliberate strategy to refrain from enforcing fraud laws.  It’s amazing how the primary conspirator who caused the global meltdown will live the rest of his life as a multi-billionaire while probably tens of millions of people suffer the financial devastation caused by Mr. Greenspan’s “mistakes”.

Alan Greenspan, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, was responsible for maintaining a stable economy for the 18 years prior to the meltdown last year.  He was a Capitalist who firmly believed in the free market system.  I don’t think he ever sufficiently justified how a believer in the free market could take a job regulating that very market, in good consciousness.  It’s like a pacifist priest taking a job as an executioner.  It is inconsistent.  But regardless of the hypocrisy, Alan Greenspan became a very rich and powerful man.

True to his nature, Alan Greenspan is reported to have been involved in a conspiracy to silence Brooksley Born, charged with overseeing the Derivatives Market – the ultimate cause of the meltdown.  But are Alan and his co-conspirators “the bad guy”?  I think they are greedy, wanna-be elites who convinced themselves to believe whatever they perceive to be in their best interests.  I say “wanna-be elites” because these people all worked very hard.  It is the people Alan and his buddies ultimately report to that are above the need to actually contribute to society.  The elite don’t work.  They simply take from society.

I’m sure there are some elite people who are exceptions to this rule.  I’m not talking about those who make a big deal about giving “Charitable Donations” to offset their reported income for tax purposes.   I’m talking about mega-billionaires that invest in programs to educate the masses, preserve the planet and invent scientific miracles to help humanity. But as a rule, there is a large number of highly intelligent, hard-working people in the “upper-middle class”, earning anywhere from $250,000 a year to several millions of dollars a year who work for the elite in government and industry, promoting an agenda, at the expense of middle class people.  For those of us that still have access to food, housing and medical care (some how, some way), this explosion of desperate people is actually a blessing.  Since millions of people are affected so drastically in such a short span of time, virtually everyone personally knows someone in crisis who “doesn’t deserve it”.

Capitalistic propaganda indoctrinates us to believe that everyone who applies himself, works hard and follows the rules will earn the right to food, shelter and medical care to whatever extent he deserves, according to contribution to society.  This way, everyone has an excuse to judge the unfortunate as undeserving.  This also has a way of lighting a fire under our collective ass to “prove our worth to society” and ultimately, continue serving the interests of the elite.  Greenspan allowed himself to believe “the market would correct for fraud” when in fact his job violated the “free market”.

So now Greenspan and his buddies are considered “the bad guy”.  But are they?  Certainly they bear responsibility.  I think we, the people should demand these and other greedy, fraudulent liars should pay heavy restitution – in line with the money they earned by defrauding the American public – directly to the American public as in assets being seized for their crimes, sold and distributed to everyone under some threshold – say a quarter of a million dollars of income a year.

Then we should systematically eliminate laws favoring industry, entity “rights” and protection from individually accountability and devise a system of law that rules on result, not through the loopholes.  For example, let’s just say “Corporate Deception” is illegal.  Instead of judging based on technical confusion, let’s have a judge decide “Was that deceptive?”.  If so, “Was the deception intentional?”  Then “Who is responsible for the deception” and financially penalize everyone involved in the deception, according to his role in the deception.  The more the individual earned during his participation in the deception, the more he would pay.

I’m sure it is not as easy as I imagine.  We still have to deal with issues of politics – interfering with progress…Like the Unemployment Insurance Extension being stalled in the Senate so unrelated items can be attached in a political tug-of-war for power.  But if Government Officials had no financial incentive to serve the Corporate Masters, it could work.  Regardless, it’s time we do something productive.

Unfortunately, we are too busy establishing blame and fighting amongst ourselves.  I read an argument between desperate unemployed people waiting for an extension to avoid being evicted from their houses.  In the argument, some people bring up race, others political affiliation regarding blame for our economic condition.  Can you see how that redirects attention from the underlying cause of unemployment?

I say, STOP FIGHTING EACH OTHER!  We are all vulnerable.  It is not the Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Pagans, Atheists, the people from the city, the people from the suburbs, impoverished or well-to-do.  It is the systems under which we operate.  We can fix this, if we start now and join together with all of the masses against the abuses by the elite.

As it was, corporations hid behind supposedly grass-roots organizations to manipulate the minds of every day people.  Now, corporations can come out of the shadows and directly finance campaigns, pouring dollars from 401k common stock holders, preferred stock holders and use dollars generated by exploiting low-level employees toward the interests of the (elite) controlling owners.  I think the pool of money, directed at the demands of a few, is an attack against individual rights, giving the middle class virtually no say in governance.

Early in 2010, in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court decided against every-day people, creating a super-human status to corporate entities.  This ruling was the final nail in the coffin for the poor excuse we HAD for “representative government”.

Capitalistic principles require free competition.  Big business colludes to form unnatural monopolies for the accelerated wealth of majority share holders, eliminating competition.  These unnatural monopolies have conspired to fund legislation and legislators to allow unfair trade, eliminate individual negotiation ability, reduce wages (while cost of living increases), secure outsourced, near slave-labor, reduce quality of products and services and confiscate middle class wealth.  “In 1998, … the top 5 percent had more wealth than the remaining 95 percent of the population, collectively….The U.S. is atypical in that inequality has risen so sharply over the last 25 or 30 years.”  Many hard working people find themselves earning the same now as they did 20 years ago when the cost of living has markedly increased because there are fewer employers with which to negotiate.  That isn’t free competition.

Small business owners are particularly vulnerable to attack.  They do not have the economies of scale, negotiation power or the dollars to purchase the souls of government officials.  Remember the old days when you went to a hardware store, purchased tools and equipment that would out live you – and received instructions on how to best complete your home project?  Well most of those businesses went under, so Lowes and Home Depot could make arrangements with well-known manufacturers to produce cheap products that break easily and perform poorly.  Remember the days of specialty shops, owned by the lady that let you in the fitting room?  Clothes were made of good-quality material with professional-grade construction.  Now, you can buy a sweater for $10 that will fall apart in months rather than decades.

Small business owners do not have the financial resources to buy the souls of our elected officials, pay for their ads (we can hardly pay for our own), organize campaign functions, etc.  We are working 18/7 just to scrape by.  Now that dollars replace the need for political candidates to generate individual support, how much sincere attention to our agenda will small business & individuals be able to purchase?  Have you ever considered the affect of hearing the same thing over and over again?  It becomes truth in your mind.  Every decision you make is based on what you know as truth.  But how can a rational person believe advertising is “truth”?

Competition also requires full access to accurate information so that every-day people can make purchase decisions based on the quality of products and services as well as the social responsibility of the provider.  But corporate owned media limits “free speech” to those that can buy it.  Corporate attorneys and tax advisers manipulate the flow of information to paint a facade to hide the greed, deception, fraud and violent crimes they commit.  If you watch the corporate owned television stations and read the corporate owned newspapers, you hear what they want you to believe.  All the CEO’s come on to convince us to do what they need us to do for their best interest.

Today, producers of quality products and valuable services go out of business because every day people are earning less and less money, buying cheaper and dangerous products.  Many individuals that thrive do so by perpetuating the corporate agenda, at the expense of human compassion.  Keith Obermann of MSNBC had a few choice words for his listeners.  But will we listen?  Or will we ignore the “liberal” idea of individual liberty.

It is my opinion that in a land of, for and by the PEOPLE, conglomerations of people do not get the human right of free speech – or anything else – because entities should not (but are) protected by the constitution amendments (paid for by corporations).  Corporations make their profits off the brow of employees, financed by minority shareholders and profit through consumers by deception and greed.  However, only the views and opinions of executives, majority shareholders and board members are represented by their political contributions.  The people in the organizations can exercise their right to free speech, using their own discretionary income, ability to influence and … any critical thinking skills they may still possess to participate in governance. If you agree to any degree, do something about it.  Here’s a petition you can sign.  You can call and write your “representative government” officials, write in blogs, comment on articles, Tweet about it and discuss this with family, friends and associates.

Individual people have more power than they realize.  We influence people around us by example, discussion and action.  What are you doing to make a difference in our future.

In this time of crisis, many people wonder if Capitalism has failed the Middle Class.  With the stock market crash, dangerously high unemployment expectations, a health care crisis, the credit crunch and a plunging real estate market, many people who followed the rules of engagement, believing in the ideals and rewards of Capitalism find themselves fighting for survival against an invisible enemy.  Unfortunately, like a drowning victim endangering his rescuer, the middle class focuses anger on the first person we can grab; one another.

The divide and conquer strategy for success is well documented. states “Divide and conquer refers to the common strategy of seeking to cultivate neutrality or support from those considered ‘moderates’ as a way of undermining and marginalising those deemed the ‘radicals”.  This frustrates me so I’ve been doing some research: explains “In politics and sociology, divide and rule (derived from Latin divide et impera) (also known as divide and conquer) is a combination of political, military and economic strategy of gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into chunks that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy. In reality, it often refers to a strategy where small power groups are prevented from linking up and becoming more powerful, since it is difficult to break up existing power structures”.

An Article called “Capitalism and the decline of the middle class” By Mary Sanchez, Kansas City Star Columnist says “Consider the findings of the 2009 “MetLife Study of the American Dream,” released in March: Half of all respondents admitted they were one or two paychecks from ruin. If they lost their jobs, within a month, 50 percent of the people polled admitted they would not be able to pay their bills.

An additional 28 percent said losing their job would find them unable to pay their bills within two weeks. More than a quarter of people earning $100,000 said they’d be insolvent after a month of unemployment.

That’s not middle class stability as most people would define it. No doubt this situation owes much to the recent crash in home prices and the cratering of the stock markets. But that’s another way of saying that many Americans were simply never as upwardly mobile as they had assumed, or deluded themselves into thinking they were”.

An internet reviewer named Matt on Listmania has a very interesting article called “Middle class –anti Capitalism” that reads “The list author says: “The word “Capitalism” refers to the penetration of capital into the sphere of manufacturing. It isn’t used (correctly) to refer to simply the presence of trade between people. The correct definition … refers to a monopolization on the means of production by a minority, and the employment of wage labor, wage laborers constituting the majority of society. Anti-capitalism is not an attempt to crush the inevitable (and admirable) desire of human beings to trade things, to produce things, to be entrepreneurial, and to improve their lot in life through their own hard effort. Rather, it comes down to one simple thing: the desire to eliminate wage labor as the basis, or even a part, of the economy. Wage slavery is a social problem, and it requires a social solution…The so-called “middle class” is affected by this problem every bit as much as manual workers… It is a fallacy that capitalist ownership relations are in the ultimate interest of anyone but those select few who make their living primarily from ownership and not from working. These people, the true capitalist class, contribute nothing useful to society; they simply manipulate money”.

Other people claim Capitalism is doomed to fail.

In an article called “Is American Capitalism Doomed To Fail” from 13 October, 2007, G Asgar Mitha says “(Capitalism)’s been around for ages but it’s never developed so many ugly heads since taking a rebirth in the US only a mere century ago. There is nothing wrong with capitalism so long as the objectives are honest to benefit mankind. The objective of American capitalism, as it now has become, is to create wealth in the hands of those few who are greedy, have no scruples, principles and conscience, who tap market forces to loot the unfortunate many and finally go out and indiscriminately massacre and murder anywhere and everywhere so that they can exhaust their inventory of weapons of mass destruction and replenish these with even more deadlier ones… It wants to control energy resources and lanes so that it can dictate who gets the oil, how much and at what price. It has to manufacture wars on the most flimsiest of pretexts so that it can continue to churn out weapons of mass destruction (WMDs)… American capitalism manufactures needs through the medium of advertisements and, also through banks which fuels capitalism by the credit mechanism… American capitalism is not content at destroying its own citizens… Super malls and expensive stores have been built in Doha and Dubai to empty the pockets of the medium class nationals but not the rich who shop in the capitals of the capitalist countries paying exorbitant sums of money for the latest in designer goods. No matter where one goes, it’s the same story. American capitalism has been exported to every nook and corner of the earth. Even China. The handfuls of countries that are not touched are its potential future victims.

A blogger named Socialist Wolf says “Yes, capitalism is doomed to eventual failure and collapse. This fact can be easily proven with just 3 prepositions. 1)  A capitalist economy must expand in order to remain healthy 2) Expansion requires resources 3) Resources are finite within the universe.  Thus we find that there comes a point, wherein there are no resources free to be used for expansion. As expansion halts, the capitalist economy withers and dies. We see here that due to no future expansion (there aren’t any resources with which to expand), the economy cannot grow. (Even in an information based economy there comes a point when everything is known). Without the expectation of growth, there will be no investment, as there will be no return on investment. Short run Aggregate Supply will fall, as it is no longer profitable to produce. As SAS drops, unemployment will run rampant, and as no one has money to purchase goods and services, the economy collapses under it own dead weight”.

The Zeitgeist Movement believes “[F]ree market capitalism in the form of the trade uses debt to imprison the world and manipulate countries into sub servants to a handful of large business and political powers. Apart from these obvious immoralities, the system itself is based on competition, which immediately destroys the possibility of large-scale collaboration for the common good. Hence paralyzing any attempt to a true global sustainability”.

Many religious and spiritual communities claim to prophesize natural, economic, medical, educational, religious and governmental demise we seem to be witnessing today. What more and more people seem to agree on is the necessity for a shift in human and social consciousness. “Until very recently the transformation of human consciousness … was no more than a possibility, realized by a few rare individuals … irrespective of cultural or religious backgrounds.  A widespread flowering of human consciousness did not happen because it was not yet imperative.  A significant portion of the Earth’s population will soon recognize, if they haven’t already done so, that humanity is now faced with a stark choice:  Evolve or die.”

The Galactic Research Institute says “Great discoveries occur because the time demands them. The more urgent the need, the more necessary is the discovery. The Law of Time was unearthed to facilitate an unprecedented shift in human consciousness. Only by such a shift can the global crisis be resolved and surmounted.

By 2012, according to the Law of Time, we must be ready for this shift, the unparalleled transition into the next stage of our evolution, the noosphere. This signifies the attainment of a unified field of planetary consciousness”.

The Lightworker’s Spiritual Network says “The human family is in the midst of the most significant transformation of consciousness since its emergence in Africa over one hundred thousand years ago. Consciousness has been evolving for billions of years from the first cell to us. We are becoming aware that through our own consciousness the universe can know itself. This awareness reveals incredible new potential for our individual and collective humanity”.

The economic collapse has robbed the middle class of rewards promised long ago.  For decades, the practice of Capitalism has descended through the bowels of hell, feverishly fashioning a web of deception that is now at the point of implosion. All but the ruling rich have felt the impact of this devastation. The ruling rich is an infinitesimal portion of the human population.

“The Masses” have a decision to make:  Succumb to the “divide and conquer” strategy of the ruling rich or come together for meaningful, lasting change. Listen to opposing points of view. Recognize information generated by mainstream media is filtered threw a labyrinth of ownership interests to distract attention from the well being of the masses. Recognize that Capitalism is about exploitation of resources. Exploit your own resources (ability to learn, communicate, research, formulate opinion, negotiate equitable terms), take personal and professional responsibility to enforce justice, expose corruption and affect reformative practices, abide by your own beliefs in daily life, restore passion to your life, engage compassion and unite with the masses.

I don’t know how to fix the economy, eliminate greed and corruption or establish liberty and justice for all. But I can do research, draw my own conclusions and write.  For those of you who are too busy working multiple jobs just to tread water, I’ve summarized my research below:

In an article called “Why do people have different opinions?by Dale Husband (centrist liberal), from Friday, January 16, 2009 he said “One of my most basic axioms is that there can only be one truth and one standard of right and wrong as far as empirical facts as well as ethical standards go, but that the limited vision and knowledge of human beings makes us unable to know absolutely what that truth or standard is; we can only approximate it in our minds.…I believe that we humans, for all our intelligence, are still limited in our minds as well as our perceptions of reality. We can only know so much or sense so much and thus when we form opinions based on our knowledge and perceptions, we are prone to error. The problem comes when clashes between people with different opinions occur. Often, debates result in which efforts are made by both sides to show that the other side is in error. Usually, however, most supporters of both sides refuse to budge in their positions, and so the debates prove fruitless.”

In an article called “The Value of Dissension”, posted by Ben Tomhave on September 16, 2008, discussing consulting issues, he says “There seems to be a fallacy in American politics and corporate life these days that conformity and blind acceptance of the prevailing BS perspective is the apex of social evolution. Nothing could (or should) be farther from the truth. The fact of the matter is that conformity and the oppression of dissent is a fundamental threat to the very foundations of this society. It undermines creativity and innovation, causing an erosion not only in social values but also in the ability to solve problems.  The prevailing problem, as I see it today, is that the powers that be believe their way is the only way, and that anybody who dares question that way is in fact threatening the basis of their existence…This suppression, repression, oppression of progress is a subversive manner of attacking dissenting opinions. Innovation should introduce creative solutions to complex problems that ultimately frees us to focus on other problems. The only way to evolve is to build on previous evolutionary steps…Where is the beauty of the simple solution? In the case of politics, it’s very easy: throw the bums out, bring in different bums who hopefully have different allegiances or are at least not as sold-out as the last bums. However, we need to be wary of the violent resistance that the status quo may throw in our face. Never before do I recall seeing such violent opposition from the establishment – usually it’s the other way around! It’s a sad state of affairs when the threat of social evolution is viewed as so great that the establishment will violently work to oppress the next state of being. Perhaps this belies the importance of the underlying corruption and the false belief that power is everything. Perhaps the solution to such oppression is to find a way to remove the power without having to directly confront the status quo.”

I watch the 24/7 news cycle in disbelief as media points viewer attention to a few, insignificant and/or deceptive stories.  This coverage elicits strong emotional reaction rather than providing an honest overview of global concerns and facilitating solutions.

In “Reflections on a Largely Forgotten Book: Herbert Schiller’s The Mind Managers” (1973) by Paul Street, he writesThe main media institutions are owned and operated by giant profit-based state-capitalist super-conglomerates like General Electric (owner and part owner of NBC, A&E, American Movie Classics, Biography Channel, Bravo, CNBC, Court TV, History Channel, MSG Network, MSNBC, National Geographic Worldwide and more), Time Warner (owner of film and music production companies, theme parks, sports teams, magazines, websites and book publishers as well as Turner Broadcasting), Walt Disney (ABC, Disney Channel/Network, Lifetime Network, ESPN, Classic Sports, E! and more), Viacom (CBS, Paramount, Blockbuster, theme parks, music publishing, book publishing, Nickelodeon, MTV, TNN, and more), the News Corporation (FOX Channel, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, 20th Century Fox, London Times, TV Guide, the LA Dodgers, many stadiums, five New York sports teams, FOX Family Channel and more).”

In “Manipulation of The People— The Rudiments of Propaganda” by Andrew P—09/2003 (updated 09/05), he says “Media ownership is central to the manipulation of the people. Manipulate the people, and you manipulate their vote. You either control the media by owning it or by doing favours to those who own it. In the United States, large corporations own the media and these, in turn, receive favours from the Government in the form of influence over legislation and special tax breaks. Worryingly, only five mega-media corporations now control almost all of the US media, which is why the American people are among the most ignorant and brainwashed in the world… As Noam Chomsky once observed, expecting NBC News (owned by the leading “defense” contractor General Electric) to give an objective and un-biased account of world affairs would be like expecting General Motors’s company newspaper to give a truthful and detached account of working conditions in its automobile plants.“

Isolated stories of government and corporate fraud pretend to defend justice when the underlying cause is ignored and forgotten by the sound bite scholars punctuating this generation.  Comedians do a better job exposing media accountability than any consumer advocate group.  See the below links for an example:

Jon Steward and Jim Cramer Part 1

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Jon Steward and Jim Cramer Part 3

I used to be complacent and intentionally ignorant of the whirlwind of despair and injustice plaguing our generation.  I didn’t watch the news.  I believed in Capitalistic ideals.  But lately, I’ve had cause to question and time to research why corruption and greed dominate this planet.  When I researched the effect of economic collapse on the middle class, I couldn’t help but note references to the Fiat system of money under the capitalistic system as practiced today.

Fiat money is money declared by a government to be legal tender.[1] The term derives from the Latin fiat, meaning “let it be done”. Fiat money achieves value because a government accepts it in payment of taxes and says it can be used within the country as a “tender” (offering) to pay all debts. In effect, this allows it to be used to buy goods and services and to pay tax.

I read many articles from google-generated sources but this one, called “The United States Fiat Money & The Federal Reserve Systemby Darryl Schoon on June 23, 2008, sums it up well.   He says “Fiat money is an oxymoron. Traditionally, money has been both a storehouse of value and a medium of exchange. Fiat money exists by mimicking both; but when its ability to do so ends, fiat money exposed for what it is, reverts to what it is—government issued coupons with expiration dates printed in invisible ink…While productivity is doing more with less, fiat money allows governments to do more with nothing. …

The issuance of fiat money by governments is, in truth, a white collar crime; and, as happens when white collar crimes are discovered, a highly visible paper trail leads directly back to the wrongdoers—in this case, the central banks…

Central banks are the mechanism by which society’s productivity is drained and indebted. Credit-based money issued by central banks turns into debt, debt which immediately begins to accrue compounding interest paid by productive members of society, e.g. workers, businessmen, farmers, savers and taxpayers. The interest, of course, is paid to bankers, non-productive members of society.

…The longer a fiat money system exists, the greater the odds of economic collapse. Over time fiat credit money destroys economies because time exacerbates the systemic flaws of credit-based, sic capital, markets.

In fiat credit-based economies, savers are penalized and speculators are rewarded. And while this is welcomed by Wall Street, it is a death warrant for Main Street. In the US over the past twenty years, while Wall Street has expanded, Main Street has contracted.

The shift in America from a productive to a speculative economy is evidenced by the recent growth and dominance of financial “services” companies, e.g. Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, BofA, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Bros, Wachovia, etc. —their only “service”, of course, is a uniquely destructive and deadly form of “self-service”… It is my belief the next five years will determine America’s destiny. Once seen as a beacon, it is now distrusted and feared and rightly so. Those who bled this nation dry are still in control and the American people, America’s only hope, are not even aware of what has happened; and, if America is to be saved, there is not much time left in which to do so.

The odds aren’t good and Americans, heavily indebted and addicted to credit, are still hoping the Federal Reserve can save them, much as a patient hopes doctors will provide the right medicines, not knowing the doctors are getting kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies and are skimming prescriptions for their own benefit.

In fiat based economies, time is the enemy and 95 years have passed since fiat money was introduced into the US. In America and elsewhere time is passing and the clock is ticking and recently it’s been sounding more and more like a time bomb.

It is hoped the election of a new president will save America. It won’t. Democracy, once the hope of the world, is now its greatest disappointment. Money—and fiat money at that—has subverted the democratic process everywhere; and today, in all nations, politicians from both conservative and liberal parties dance to fiat money’s funereal beat—in a mockery of democracy’s original intent.”

The author has a long list of credits, available to anyone with a google search engine.  He is one of thousands screaming inaudibly into the tornado mass complacency.  It is frightening to note that he wrote that article before the Wall Street collapse, the bailouts and near double-digit unemployment rates.

My research has pulled me out of complacency and led me to believe that Fiat money + the Capitalistic System as practiced today equals economic ruin for the masses and redirects wealth to the obscenely rich.  If you agree, disagree or want to know more, let your voice be heard.