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I was outraged when I heard about naked scanners or groping becoming a mandatory condition of air travel.  I’ve never considered myself to be a Constitutionalist, patriot or conspiracy theorist but this practice clearly violates American protections from unreasonable search and presumption of innocence.

This whole thing started because of an attack on 9-11-01 that could not have happened according to the official story.  That incited enough fear to spike the planet’s magnetic field readings, launch us into extended war with continually vacillating objectives and escalate an advancing police state.  First, it is about air travel, then subways and buses until finally every mall, movie theater and school is theoretically protected from terrorism at the cost of liberty.  When the country borders on bankruptcy, we spend untold billions on war and “security” equipment that serves to enslave the masses in a sea of fear and blind obedience under the guise of protection.

The term “Security Theater” seems to describe the antics that did stop an underwear bomber, despite an official notification of danger.  The failed attempt by the would-be Christmas bomber of 2009 is now used as justification for the very expensive and intrusive procedures called “back scatter x-ray” and “enhanced pat downs”.  Now, I hear terrorists are hiding explosives inside body cavities.  Bouncing radiation into travelers to virtually remove clothing is insufficient to stop terrorism.

Is the x-ray safe?  I don’t believe everything the government says is safe is true.  We already have example after example of FDA approved drugs, pesticides and genetically modified seeds that are NOT safe.  We also have information about chemicals used on soldiers that proved life altering if not fatal.  Now, TSA is considering increasing the power of the x-ray to make us “more safe”.  Right.

Americans have become complacent and ignorant drones, arrogantly believing in our supremacy due to propaganda and disinformation.  Our soldiers honestly believe they fight, killing anything that moves in the name of our freedom as liberty evaporates before our eyes.  Do TSA agents genuinely believe invasive procedures serve to “keep us safe” (as if would-be murders won’t find their way around every new obstacle)?  If so, perhaps they have a pre-employment test for gullibility.  Passengers mindlessly chant “Anything to make us safer”, as if this latest “enhancement” is acceptable or the last infringement on our Bill of Rights.

I don’t travel by air much any more but the concept of mandatory submission fuels my activist nature.  I’ve been challenging authority since I was two, intimidating teachers with nothing more than a glance.  The more I research about history not taught in school, planned economic crisis and admitted government deceptions, the more determined I become to speak my mind and affect a meaningful solution.

This Christmas, my brother surprised my husband and me with airplane tickets to California.  The first thing I thought about is being confronted with the TSA effect.  While I was excited to join my family, grateful for the gift and eager to escape the Metro-Detroit doom and gloom, I had to intentionally resist the urge to forfeit my right to travel over government control issues.

I did some research to learn TSA agents don’t like fondling passengers any more than we like being fondled by strangers.  It is causing morale issues.  I saw the elite owners of the company that sells scanners hang tight with Barack, cementing the bond with corporate run government.  I remember hearing someone say “The government creates problems, and then solves it with greater control over our lives”.  I learned people were protesting by opting out of the naked scanner.  I decided being groped by a stranger was slightly less offensive than virtually stripped and photographed by a machine.

I used to travel by air twice a week, every week for two years in the mid 1980’s.  If I checked a bag (free of charge), I packed my carry on based on my convenience.  Now, the TSA effect begins in the packing stage of travel, with additional rules implemented for every new terrorist attempt.  First, it was box knives, then shoes, liquids and now underwear.  I spent extra time packing a quart-size zip top plastic for my travel needs (knowing the risk of lost luggage not making it at the same time I do).  On the day of travel, I refrained from wearing my wedding ring, toe ring, barrette or under-wire bra to avoid setting off the metal detector.

I observed the TSA effect at the ticket counter in Detroit as we dropped off our checked bag.  My husband and I approached my mom and her husband at the counter.  When the ticket agent saw my tall husband approaching, she scowled and asked my mom “Are these people with you?”  I smiled and answered “Yeah.  Can’t you tell?” as I placed my face close to my mother’s.  When the agent saw we were obviously together, she transformed into a smiling, laughing, helpful service provider.

At the security station, my husband and I unknowingly stood in the metal detector line but my mom and her husband stepped into the naked scanner line.  The TSA agent in my line scowled at me before granting permission to enter the metal detector.  I sailed through but my husband set off the alarm.  I turned around, took one step toward him and suggested he remove his wire-rimmed eye glasses.  The TSA agent gave me the evil eye then demanded I move away.  She took my husband’s glasses and he passed quietly through the check point.

When my mother was ordered to go through the naked scanner, she said “I don’t want to go through that”.  The TSA agent said “No.  You have to”.  My mom objected saying “No I don’t”.  The TSA agent then claimed the radiation was only 1.5% of an x-ray.  Again, my mother refused.  Only then did the agent give her the choice of an enhanced pat down.  What’s up with that?  Do TSA agents get bonuses if more people go through the scanner?  Or is it simply that they are inconvenienced when people exercise their right to choose which abuse they will submit to in exchange for air travel?  It seems the TSA effect causes low-level government employees to lie to the people they are hired to protect.

These back-scatter x-ray machines enrich security companies, owned by elite corporate entities.  The deal was most likely negotiated through agents of the ruling class to 1) Condition the American public to willingly submit to unreasonable search and 2) Make the rich even more wealthy at the expense of the US tax payer.  It seems the government has an unlimited budget when it claims to protect the public.  The saddest part of the TSA effect is that people are actually willing to sacrifice liberty if they believe it makes them safer.  Most people believe anything the government claims, even after it admits to lying when confidential files get declassified.

I thought the TSA effect ended there but was wrong.  At the gate, people were randomly selected to get pat down prior to boarding the airplane.

It seems all airport and airline employees are trained to suspect everyone.  This is how the police state encroaches.  With the country desperate for jobs and just about the only companies hiring make products or services for “security” and war, these people just want to feed their families.  The jobs don’t pay well, require little to no prior education/training and require adoption of an “us” verses “them” mentality.  Like police, FBI, CIA and the military, TSA trains staff to view everyone as a threat and take any action to subdue the “bad guy”, whether or not he’s proven guilty.

On the trip home, we intentionally stood in the metal detector line.  Perhaps they noticed us consciously choose the line because I was selected to go through the naked scanner.  I politely but firmly stated “I opt out” and was directed through the metal detector then instructed to step aside as they scrambled to get a female attendant to pat me down.  My husband was also selected and opted out.  The TSA agent rolled her eyes at our silent protest.

The procedure itself was quick and only minimally intrusive.  Security theater is control designed to intimidate we, the people into submitting to governmental “authority” as if we are subject to it instead of the other way around.  The government says the scanner is safe but other reports say it could be harmful to the elderly or people with compromised immune systems.  Both statements can not be true.  I wonder what the Nazi government told the Jews before shipping them to concentration camps and directed them to gas chambers.

Slowly but persistently, conditions in the United States are grooming the population to be intimidated and controlled by government.  It will only work if we allow it.  The government will do and say anything to encourage us to “choose” to comply with their demands.  Most people are very uncomfortable with “enhanced pat downs” so they file into line for the “quick and safe” alternative.  Aside from the naked pictures that theoretically can not be saved ending up on the internet, what else are they lying to us about?

Why did the Detroit TSA agent first lie to my mother then try to convince her that the machine was safe?  TSA agents can not possibly know that.  They are not scientists or doctors.  They are uniformed lower-middle class people, feeling powerful by exercising control over you.  Should the public be required to use the exact words “I opt out” to be granted their choice?  Shouldn’t the trained TSA agent figure out refusal to comply is an indication to offer an enhanced pat down?  Or is it simply inconvenient to properly staff for those of us who question what kind of waves the government is or will beam into us?

The TSA effect has yet to be determined.  If we blindly obey every enhanced security measure, we could turn around to find ourselves literally imprisoned without cause before we realize we’ve been arrested.  But there is another possibility.  The TSA effect could become a wake up call to the masses that the Bill of Rights, although guaranteed by the Constitution, is not enforced unless we demand governmental compliance.

We are programmed to feel weak and powerless against government/corporate abuses.  It is up to each individual to become emotionally and mentally empowered to reverse the wrong perpetrated by the patient and persistent ruling class and their agents.  Calm and peaceful protest is one tactic to push back from the gate of middle class meltdown.

We need to self educate, share knowledge and insist on our rights.  It means we continue to fly and spend the extra five minutes getting groped by a stranger rather than voluntarily surrender our right to travel or mindlessly file through a machine like cattle to slaughter.  We need to communicate our feelings and opinions to as many people as possible including friends, family, associates and government officials.  We need to be vigilant but respectful of those who are intimidated into submission or unwilling to take a stand to protect our freedom.

The TSA effect can be a nail in Liberty’s coffin or the puzzle piece that makes the big picture clear.  We can decide to allow corporate/government to continue manipulating the masses into obedience or restore the freedom on which the United States of America was founded.  Which do you choose?