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On a website called “Teir 5 Unemployment Extension Needed!!!!!” there is a forum article called “American law mandates full employment” that discusses the Humphrey-Hawkins Full Employment Act then links desperate unemployed people to a petition on calling for the president to Declare a State of National Emergency to Deal with the Economic Crisis.

“So what?” you might ask.  Keep reading.

Consider the stress of long term unemployment.  First, people are involuntarily removed from what is often the center of their lives.  That causes distress due to separation from their daily routine, meaningful contribution and work associates as well as feeling alienated, unneeded and unproductive.  Then the financial reality sets in, with unemployment compensation being only a fraction of their former pay.  Any savings is eaten away quickly, bills pile up and credit is trashed.  After several months of earnestly seeking work in this economy, most people find they have few responses, fewer interviews and zero job offers.  Finally, when the unemployed are cut off from compensation, becoming one of the growing numbers of 99ers, it feels like society doesn’t care if they live or die.

It has been scientifically proven that the brain of a person under stress resembles that of drug addict.  The “Washington Times” has an article that says “Long-term stress damages the brain, impairing everything from emotion and impulse control to certain big-picture analytical thinking. Long-term stress damages the brain, impairing everything from emotion and impulse control to certain big-picture analytical thinking.”  Long-term unemployment can also result in atrophy of brain connections caused by lack of new activity and skill development.  Even the average job search becomes routine, yielding little interpersonal interaction and becoming a virtual prisoner of one’s home.

After a while, even the most “together” people become disillusioned, disenchanted and panic-stricken.  Desperate people reach out for help like a frighten child for his mother.  Anyone who claims to want to help is seen as a savior.  That’s why multi-level marketing firms, commission-only employers and work-at-home scams prey heavily on the unemployed.

This petition appeals to the personal emergency each unemployed family feels.  By demanding the president declare a national state of emergency, the unemployed can get the satisfaction of acknowledging they are not alone.  They can feel a sense of solidarity with other disenfranchised people.  The petition reports the very cruel reality faced by many people losing homes and struggling to maintain the basic necessities of life and expresses the frustration most of us feel about Congress, the banking community and Wall Street.

Then after requesting a Tier V unemployment extension, the petition says “If the Senate and Congress fail to act in the next weeks before their planned vacation, then take executive action to enact a state of national emergency. This will enable FEMA to help the unemployed with food and shelter and the Department of Homeland Security to enact certain provisions that will help restore order….You need the power to seize property, organize and control the means of production, seize commodities, assign military forces abroad, institute martial law, seize and control all transportation and communication, regulate the operation of private enterprise, restrict travel, and in a variety of ways control the lives of United States citizens”.  Read that again.

First of all, FEMA’s residential camps have barbed wire facing inward, like a prison.  There are all kinds of reports by non mainstream media about the building of these FEMA camps all over the country, executive orders on record for 30 years and other police-state secrets hidden in plain sight.  Do a goggle search on “FEMA camp barbed wire” if you want to begin to fathom the fact-based conspiracies taking place while most of us were complacently too busy to notice.  My point here is that unemployed people are being led to request imprisonment as a back up plan for Congress’ failure to respond to their very dire need for 1) Unemployment compensation and 2) Legislative responsibility to the people, not campaign financing corporations.  That is not the right answer.

Second, tucked within an emotionally powerful cry for help, the unemployed are being led to demand the government take drastic measures that would directly affect an immediate police state in what was once the land of the free.  These people feel helpless and unable to affect their own future after what I consider to be a planned demise of the middle class.

If you are unemployed, you are already a victim of the war against the middle class; me too.  But we don’t have to dig our own graves.  Think about your short term needs, absolutely.  Then look at the long term implications of your actions.  You might say “desperate times call for desperate measures” and you might be right if that means taking a job you wouldn’t ordinarily take, move to a city you where you might not want to live or leave your comfort zone.  However, when desperate measures are taken out of fear, they lead to more desperation.

The only way to get out of this crisis, whether or not you are unemployed, is to come together and actively create the world we want, recognizing when someone else makes it easy for us, they have something to gain at our expense.  Please beware.