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As it was, corporations hid behind supposedly grass-roots organizations to manipulate the minds of every day people.  Now, corporations can come out of the shadows and directly finance campaigns, pouring dollars from 401k common stock holders, preferred stock holders and use dollars generated by exploiting low-level employees toward the interests of the (elite) controlling owners.  I think the pool of money, directed at the demands of a few, is an attack against individual rights, giving the middle class virtually no say in governance.

Early in 2010, in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court decided against every-day people, creating a super-human status to corporate entities.  This ruling was the final nail in the coffin for the poor excuse we HAD for “representative government”.

Capitalistic principles require free competition.  Big business colludes to form unnatural monopolies for the accelerated wealth of majority share holders, eliminating competition.  These unnatural monopolies have conspired to fund legislation and legislators to allow unfair trade, eliminate individual negotiation ability, reduce wages (while cost of living increases), secure outsourced, near slave-labor, reduce quality of products and services and confiscate middle class wealth.  “In 1998, … the top 5 percent had more wealth than the remaining 95 percent of the population, collectively….The U.S. is atypical in that inequality has risen so sharply over the last 25 or 30 years.”  Many hard working people find themselves earning the same now as they did 20 years ago when the cost of living has markedly increased because there are fewer employers with which to negotiate.  That isn’t free competition.

Small business owners are particularly vulnerable to attack.  They do not have the economies of scale, negotiation power or the dollars to purchase the souls of government officials.  Remember the old days when you went to a hardware store, purchased tools and equipment that would out live you – and received instructions on how to best complete your home project?  Well most of those businesses went under, so Lowes and Home Depot could make arrangements with well-known manufacturers to produce cheap products that break easily and perform poorly.  Remember the days of specialty shops, owned by the lady that let you in the fitting room?  Clothes were made of good-quality material with professional-grade construction.  Now, you can buy a sweater for $10 that will fall apart in months rather than decades.

Small business owners do not have the financial resources to buy the souls of our elected officials, pay for their ads (we can hardly pay for our own), organize campaign functions, etc.  We are working 18/7 just to scrape by.  Now that dollars replace the need for political candidates to generate individual support, how much sincere attention to our agenda will small business & individuals be able to purchase?  Have you ever considered the affect of hearing the same thing over and over again?  It becomes truth in your mind.  Every decision you make is based on what you know as truth.  But how can a rational person believe advertising is “truth”?

Competition also requires full access to accurate information so that every-day people can make purchase decisions based on the quality of products and services as well as the social responsibility of the provider.  But corporate owned media limits “free speech” to those that can buy it.  Corporate attorneys and tax advisers manipulate the flow of information to paint a facade to hide the greed, deception, fraud and violent crimes they commit.  If you watch the corporate owned television stations and read the corporate owned newspapers, you hear what they want you to believe.  All the CEO’s come on to convince us to do what they need us to do for their best interest.

Today, producers of quality products and valuable services go out of business because every day people are earning less and less money, buying cheaper and dangerous products.  Many individuals that thrive do so by perpetuating the corporate agenda, at the expense of human compassion.  Keith Obermann of MSNBC had a few choice words for his listeners.  But will we listen?  Or will we ignore the “liberal” idea of individual liberty.

It is my opinion that in a land of, for and by the PEOPLE, conglomerations of people do not get the human right of free speech – or anything else – because entities should not (but are) protected by the constitution amendments (paid for by corporations).  Corporations make their profits off the brow of employees, financed by minority shareholders and profit through consumers by deception and greed.  However, only the views and opinions of executives, majority shareholders and board members are represented by their political contributions.  The people in the organizations can exercise their right to free speech, using their own discretionary income, ability to influence and … any critical thinking skills they may still possess to participate in governance. If you agree to any degree, do something about it.  Here’s a petition you can sign.  You can call and write your “representative government” officials, write in blogs, comment on articles, Tweet about it and discuss this with family, friends and associates.

Individual people have more power than they realize.  We influence people around us by example, discussion and action.  What are you doing to make a difference in our future.