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I watched the arguments about growing debt and heard rantings demanding individual responsibility as the Congress failed to extend unemployment benefits and completely ignore those out of work more than 99 weeks (aka 99ers).  As they reject bills to refrain from financially rewarding big corporations to outsource jobs, permit big money to influence results of elections and insist extending unpaid tax cuts to the few will create jobs, I shook my head in disbelief.  I’m not an economist but if tax cuts to the rich is good for our economy, wouldn’t we be in better shape after 10 years?

Over the past few years, my US Congressional offices have heard from me often.  They don’t respond to my questions except to send generic form letters about the general subject of concern.  So I thought I’d take a different tact.  The letter below is what I sent.  Feel free to send a similar letter to your “representative government”.


Forget the Unemployment Extension

Go home without extending unemployment benefits.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday knowing millions more families will suffer the financial and emotional hell of being evicted from their homes, food insecurity and premature death for lack of access to medical care as Congressional “servants” enjoy life time security with pensions and medical care.  Let them freeze to death as utilities are shut off for non payment.  Let them kill themselves and each other to aid in population reduction of redundant collateral.  Government doesn’t do anything to resolve the cause of massive unemployment.  Extending benefits just allows those receiving unemployment to remain complacent, grateful for the peanuts thrown to the starving masses.

Congress has ignored the plight of the 99ers so let’s add millions more to the misery.  Let Barack continue to discuss the officially unemployed and those who have given up looking, completely ignoring the millions more seeking work daily with no response.  They might use their extra time to research the ingrained corruption plaguing every institution of society.  Then perhaps they will be angry and frightened enough to fight for their lives.

Watch millions of families descend on Washington DC to protest the laws rewarding businesses for outsourcing, wasted debt created for endless war and secret projects, record profits and reserves held by business so they can buy Congressional favors and obscene executive salaries instead of employing Americans at reasonable wages.  Then Congress can pass some more symbolic legislation that industry predators draft.  Let every state be a “Right to Work (for slave wages)” corporation.  It won’t take too long before the middle class remembers the purpose of work is to live, not to contribute to and hasten its own extinction.

Go ahead and continue to allow a “global economy” to erode wages in the United States Corporation, of, by and for the elite.  Maybe people will start to question maritime law regulating business.  Go ahead and do some more “quantitative easing”, injecting hundreds of millions more valueless accounting entries to artificially inflate the stock market so that small investors can watch their retirement accounts evaporate again as powerful entities snatch up middle class illusions of wealth.  Go ahead and allow the (poverty-level) minimum wage be eliminated as corporate predators offer every job at straight commission or the slave-wages offered in China and India.  Desperate people will flock to those jobs, finding unethical ways to join the deception required for success in business.  The others, honest and compassionate people will soon realize they are working their lives away for less than it costs for basic food and shelter.  The division between the haves and have nots will increase exponentially.  But do it quickly so the masses will not be like boiling frogs, oblivious to the peril until they are cooked.

Please ignore the unemployment extension and allow 15 million families to understand that society doesn’t care if we live or die.  Surly you can continue to blame the rules or the other party in this shell game of government.  Let them realize once and for all that the American Dream is a LIE because capitalism necessarily punishes anyone who dare allow honesty and concern for the long term best interest of the client, company and planet.  Let the criminals destroying the economy get a way with a relatively small fine and the murders who intentionally sacrifice worker safety for profit free to violate humanity.  Help me open their eyes sooner rather than later that the government is designed to reward international bankers and their agents, liberty and freedom is a deceptive marketing ploy and that the will of the people has no sincere place constructing the laws of this nation.

Enjoy your holiday.